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Jane Pendlebury, Chief Executive at HOSPA

“The acceleration of technology adoption during COVID-19”

Jane will share some stats gathered from the delegates at HOSPACE 2020 on their adoption of technology during the pandemic. She will cover some of the innovative ideas that saw a sudden increase in popularity due to the demands of COVID restrictions.

  • Which of the new solutions are worth the investment?
  • Is it possible to have less contact / more engagement with guests?
  • The longer lasting impact of the pandemic on hospitality technology

Panos Voulgaris, Creative Director / Partner at Malvi

“Transforming the Hospitality Industry: Enhancing Guest Experience with Virtual Reality”

We’ll explore how VR is shifting the landscape of what a unique experience means in the hospitality industry; the guest journey, from booking to visit, provides countless opportunities for differentiation.

  • What VR is about and how it has transformed different industries
  • VR as a marketing and storytelling tool
  • Personalized as opposed to unified experiences
  • Use cases and proposals

Angus Blest, Head of Commercial Partnerships Europe at Adyen

“Getting payments ready for the age of experience”

We’re in an age of experience — and when it comes to the moment of purchase, this is especially true. Seamless transactions and instant gratification can make or break a consumer’s experience with your brand.

  • Understand the digital transformations facing the hospitality industry
  • Discover the emerging consumer journeys where optimizing payments will help you win
  • Learn how consolidation helps drive scalability and increase insights